Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia - Katherine Paterson


  A guy name Jess Aarons lives in a small town called Lark Creek. He is soon to be fifth grade and wants to be the fastest runner. But a girl name Leslie was faster than anyone there. So his dreams were completely crushed but they sooner became buddies. They were always together going places and went to a place that was a forest. They named that area “Terabethia” you could only make it there by swinging on a rope. In Christmas Jess gives Leslie a puppy (AWWW I SHIP THEM) “Prince Terrien” was the puppies name. He became part of Terrabethia and was the court jester. On Easter or after Easter it was raining hard so Jess and Leslie couldn’t goto Terabethia. but Leslie decided to goto terabethia by herself and died by trying to swing to terabethia.

This connects to me because as a kid an imagenary area was creating a fort with pillows and blankets with my cousin and no one could enter unless they has the code which was “open up.” I would recommend this book to those who loves adventure types of book because this book had to much adventure in terabethia.


Angelus Volume 1: From The Pages Of Witchblade - Ron Marz, Stjepan Sejic

In the beginning of the book it speaks about how evil and good was created. And that was how a group call Angelus was created.The Angelus group was people who served the good.There’s a girl name Dani (Danielle Anastasia Baptiste) she was the main character in this book. Dani is in love with a human girl. The girls also name was Danielle. Danielle is a girl who helps Danielle A. in most of her fights. Danielle A. was part of the Angelus so she always had to help Danielle. Danielle would always run into so much problem but Danielle A. always came with her group Angelus. In the end they fight a person who is a girl but looks like a shadow. She tells Danielle A. she will become part of the Angelus and threatens to kill her love of her life. So all the Angelus gets in but the person who was able to stop her was both Danielle. I like this graphic novel because it included a social problem which was LGBT and was able to make them the hero of this book.


This connects to the world because some people are against LGBT and in this book they were the one who saved earth

I would recommend this to a person who is into artistic pictures and action because in the book they have many well detailed picture and my brother who’s into art recommended this book to me.

History Of Love

The History of Love - Nicole Krauss

In the book “History of Love” by Nicole Krauss , Leopold Gursky  had a neighbor named Alma. Alma was the girl whom Leo fell in love with and sooner became closer and closer. They had a relationship for 10 years but Alma's father wanted her to go to United States. Alma didn't want to leave Leo. Leo gave Alma 3 books he had written for her journey, one book "History of Love" was dedicated for Alma. It was a sign that Leo will never love anyone else but her. Three and a half year later Alma is pregnant and is married to another guy who is not Leo, but Leo doesn't know that she was pregnant until he made it to America. She was shocked to see him , those three and a half year Alma thought Leo was dead from the war in Germany. Leo wanted her to go with him so they can go back but Alma refuses she wanted herself and her child to remain in America. So Leo just accepted what she wanted and left. Leo sometimes watches Isaac (Isaac is Alma's son) but is scared to talk to him. Five years later Alma has died but Leo still kept a watch on Isaac. He was proud to see Isaac become a writer just like Leo. Isaac died without ever knowing Leo. In the story a new perspective comes in , Alma Singer who was named after the book "History of Love" had a bit of a family issue. Her father died from cancer at age 7 and now ever since the father had died the mother is depressed and lonely. So Alma looks for her a new husband for her mother. That guy was Leo Gursky. They made an appointment to meet each other Alma and Leo speaks to each other but Leo one day got a heart attack so Leo never really got to get close to Alma's mother as much.

    This book connects to the world because many people sometimes breaks the most important promises such as what Alma (not the daughter) did she promised Leo that she also will not love another man but she married another man.


  I think I would recommend this book to others especially people who likes novels. I would recommend this book because it's like a book talking about another book with the same title.That may seem silly but another reason is because it's romantic but yet sad. Mostly books with romance usually end with a happily ever after but this book ends when a woman just meets a new love and that new love dies.